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Positioning Software Testing as a Service

Le 4 January 2019, 06:05 dans Humeurs 0

The significant part of any  software development  cycle is to test the software product to understand whether it is of any errors, bugs, and other issues that would hamper the software performance.

Sometimes it can happen that your organization does not have the necessary skills and infrastructure for carrying outsoftware testing. And if your  software  product contains errors it would hurt you in the form of hefty losses.

In such cases it is the best idea to look forward to services that have professionals in carrying out  software tests . When you are looking for a software testing service, you should be aware of the following:

A Service Which would be providing good good good test for your software will Ensure an  error free  end product. The very purpose of carrying a test for the software is to ensure that the product is error proof and free of bugs.

  1. Your software  development team  will be able to devote more time to developing software and focusing on business strategies like sales and marketing. When you are relegating the software testing process to some other team, you are able to focus on the quality of product development .
  2. It would also save your time as a  test expert  would apply his expertise to eliminate errors of your software and do not need to devote time for tests. Your organization can invest this time for working on other productive pursuits.
  3. The good quality  testing tools  are often costly and are best known by experts. When you are availing your service to test your software, you will be paid for the service while being sure that the right test techniques and the best tools are being used by the software expert  conducting the test.
  4. A test service provider would specialize in a test for the software. So you can rest assured that the work is being taken over by the expert who specializes in the particular job. As discussed, software tests are an important part of the development of a software. It is better that the job is done to someone who specializes in that  particular task . This will leave you with your peace of mind and you will save on  employment costs  and time investments.

A service provider for software tests  will save your time and deliver a good quality of work within a short time limit. When you are focused on customer satisfaction and software quality development, you should definitely consider getting the software done by a team of experts that would make your fruitful efforts.

This means that your business efforts can be smoothly  channeled. A tested product is also considered to be a reliable technical standard, making it worthy of being marketed as a trustworthy and profitable product .

Written by  Ross Hunt . Not everyone understands the power of your app before it hits the markets. Ross was one of the people who did. He took it seriously. He preached about how impotant it was to test your app. In this way, he has learned many hacks and shortcuts of performing tedious tasks. His testing abilities are efficient and fast.To know more about his work, visit:

What are the Benefits of Hiring Staffing Agency?

Le 3 January 2019, 07:03 dans Humeurs 0

The benefits of hiring a staffing agency can be many and it ranges from saving time for your company, cost reduction, getting competent employees, flexibility of skilled labor, and getting in touch with the most talented people for the required post, with less load of administrative work for your company. The following will brief upon the main advantages of engaging with staffing services:

1. The first reason to opt for a staffing agency is their expertise in this matter. While your HR department may still stick to its old practices even after a decade, a staffing agency has more expertise in making the right hiring for a firm as this job is the main domain of their work. The staffing agencies keep themselves updated about recent changes in employment trends, work force, laws regarding personnel employment, best practices, etc.

2. A misconception about getting staffing solution from an agency is that it would lead to more costs. The truth is actually the opposite. A staffing agency can cut down various expenses that you would face in a direct recruitment process. Firstly, you get rid of hasty administrative work, testing, and screening process when you go for direct hiring. This will save your time and money. You also don’t need to make separate advertisements for recruiting as the staffing company will take care of that.If you don’t want to add up costs for retaining an employee for a particular position, you can ask your agency to make such provisions that you fill up the position only when it’s needed rather than making it permanent.

3. A staffing agency will make your work flexible as you can respond to your company demands in a more efficient manner. You can choose for temporary employees before confirming them as permanent ones. This will help you to assess the employee’s performance, observe their diligence and habits, and then go for a permanent hire. This will help you to save turnover costs; costs involved in training personnel, and also ensure qualitative assessment.

4. You will significantly reduce risks in the hiring process as the staffing agencies can have a broad network of potential employees than what an employer may get hold of through referrals or advertisements. This is particularly helpful while hiring for a short term position or a contractual project since the agencies maintain records of efficient, reliable, and competent people for specific jobs. You don’t have to go for ads, interviews, enrollment documentation, and cause unnecessary delay as the agency can get hold of the right talent for the position over a very short matter of time.

staffing agency can helm the recruitment of the right person for a prospective position without much hassle for a company. So you might consider this option for your next recruitment drive.

Written by Kathlin Brown. Kathlin has a strong foundation in staffing work. She has proved her caliber while working for big corporates and managing their staffing efficiently. Her communication skills, management art, and powerful knowledge of staffing basics has made her an expert in the field. To know more about her work, visit:

Trends for Java Development in coming Times

Le 3 March 2017, 10:58 dans Humeurs 0

Java continues to dominate the ecosystem of the software development industry. Here's a question for those who seem to know the inevitable death of the programming language : Why 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java until now?

The language offers many excellent libraries that address almost any problem that can occur during enterprise software development process. Java apps running on any platform are highly scalable and able to process large amounts of data easily.

Twitter, originally a Ruby on Rails application, migrated to Java (the Blender server) simply because it fits well and treats the life of data requests ( content search hashtags).

Google wants and loves Java. You've probably heard of the famous Oracle-Google trial. Google has already announced its intention to use OpenJDK (Java Development Kit) in the next version of Android. Of course, OpenJDK will create a common codebase for Android and increase the speed of software development .

Why use Java at all? Well, it is the native approach that makes a killer application and ensures the delivery of high performance . Some developers say Google will pass Go (it's safe and easy) or Dart (perfect for the cloud). It is a logical step (and not unlikely!) For the company. The question is, how long will it be for all the rewriting for Android and will it encourage suppliers to learn a new language ?

The growing demand for Java developers
will grow faster than the development capabilities. Android currently dominates the smartphone market with 80.7% (against 17.7% for Apple) and will continue to grow from now until 2020.

THUS, Java Will Remain the driving force behind the web development trends for mobile (Provided Google does not make it to the Major FX Android ecosystem).

The subsequent evolution of Java
Oracle continues to work on Java 9 which is scheduled for a release of 2017 indefinitely. The project's main objective is to segment JDK into independent modules . And this means that they will be able to use the components they need for a particular application. The modules will also be connected to the development of IoT Java technology .

Internet of Things
A few years ago, Sun Microsystems has put 100% of their energy and resources into the Java EE enterprise platform - towidespread adoption of Java-written enterprise software and the complete neglect of office solutions. Why do we list IoT among the latest trends in Java? As of now, it is one of the few technologies that are able to join the pieces together.

Seems like Java is getting better with time and Java Development in 2016 brings a lot of scope to the learners, firms, and development companies .

Contributed by Addy Wash . Addy has loved computers since he was a child. In his high school days, he starts coding and executing small software. Today, he's an amazing and fast Java developer . Addy has a grasp over the advanced software development tactics and works more efficiently while leading a team. To know more about his work, visit:


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